Registration opens on Feb 10th at 10:00am!

Click here to register

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us!

A few notes on registration:

  • You will be prompted to choose a race distance – Long course (~1300-1500m of elevation gain) or short course (~900-1000m of elevation gain). Please read our course description page for more info!
  • You will also be prompted to choose a category. “Open” is the race skis/skinsuits division. Heavy metal is for anyone without race specific gear. Juniors must register for the short course. Masters athletes can choose to race the long course as open or the short course in their own division.
  • If you don’t have a S2S Gondola pass, you definitely should select the option to buy one (35$). This is the cheapest price available (less than at the window) and you need it to get to the start line! 
  • If you are not already an ACC member, you must select that option with the $5 fee for a single day ACC license. 
  • Registration fee is: $17 plus $1 processing fee and the optional lift pass and ACC license for a total of $58 (or minimum $18 if you are an ACC member with a gondola pass)

We are trying to keep the registration cost as low as possible. Our organizing committee is ENTIRELY volunteer and non-profit. We just want to see this happen! Any money left over after the race will be donated directly to Squamish Search and Rescue for helping us out, and generally being rad dudes. If you think the entry fee is expensive, just remember that it is contributing to the crew that will come help you if you get in trouble!