Course Description

*March 6, 2020 Update*

Whistler Blackcomb has had some difficulties with avalanche control and public entering closed areas which will affect our race course. We’re currently evaluating new courses that won’t be affected by their closures and will keep you informed. The final course design will be communicated on this page as early as possible, as well as by an email blast and at the pre-race meeting.


    • Start/Finish at the Rendezvous Lodge at the top of the Blackcomb Gondola
    • Long Course: ~1200 meters of ascent, 1500 meters of descent
    • Short Course: ~700 meters of ascent, 1000 meters of descent
    • Race Duration: 1.5 to 3hrs
    • These stats are subject to change and the final course will be announced at the mandatory racer meeting.
The course will use a conventional race marking system: green for ascent with skins, yellow for ascent on foot, and red for descent without skins. 

If avalanche conditions dictate a change of course, this will be communicated to athletes via email (based on registration), through our event Facebook Page, and at the pre-race meeting. Please do follow these resources during the lead-up to the race and don’t be surprised by any changes. We will be sending out updates whenever possible!

Because of time limitations for both volunteers (we don’t want them to freeze) and concerns with public interaction on the hill, we will have strict time cutoffs that ensure all athletes have returned to the finish line within three hours. For athletes registered in the Long Course, if you reach the cutoff point (announced at pre-race meeting) beyond that time, you will be directed to continue via the short course and included in those results – please don’t be offended, it means you get lunch and prizes sooner!


What if the weather sucks or avi conditions are bad?

We’re going to do everything in our power to make this race happen. That being said, the nature of the event makes it very susceptible to weather and conditions. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Our event backup day is April 5th. When you register you will be prompted to acknowledge that you understand the race MAY BE DELAYED TO APRIL 5th. This will likely be announced in the week prior to the event. If we see an incoming storm for the 6th but a much better forecast for the 7th. We will proactively decide to move it. 
  • If both days look equally bad, we may shorten the course to be within easier terrain for BSP to do avalanche control (see Storm Course below).  This may be announced as late as the morning of the race.
  • In the days leading up to the event, our organizers will be preparing the course with our guide team who is responsible for ensuring competitor safety. They will be forecasting avalanche risk along with BSP throughout the course on specific features. If certain terrain features are deemed unsafe, the course may be changed or cancelled. 
  • We’ll be doing our best to run the race in some form on one of the two optional days. One of the big positives of holding the event at the Ski Area is that their avalanche control program and ski patrol allows us to run in worse weather than a backcountry event. 
  • By registering, you acknowledge that all this is a possibility!

2019 Course: 

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You might be getting the idea that there’s a lot that could go wrong. We’ve got plans in place to deal with bad conditions but if safety becomes an issue, we’re not taking any risks. We will be VERY communicative via race social media/email list/website about any anticipated issues so you won’t be surprised. It’s the event’s first year so bear with us and let’s make it rad!