Awards and Prizes

Our event has two courses: a long and a short. If you enter the Long Course but reach the cut off point (Spanky’s Ladder) too late, you will be directed to the finish via the short course and be automatically moved to that category. You are also allowed to decide on the spot to “short yourself” and finish the race via the short course. 

Just because you don’t have race skis and lycra, shouldn’t stop you from entering the Long Course race. We will classify non-race (heavy metal) racers separately from competitors with race skis (open)! 

We have the following categories available when you register (each split into male and female):

  • Long Course
    • Open (this is the spandex/skinny ski category)
    • Further awards will be assigned to special categories:  
      • Heavy Metal (“normal touring gear”)
      • Espoir (U23)
      • Junior (U20)
      • Masters (45+)
  • Short Course
    • Open
    • Cadet (U17)
Cash awards for Long Course Open Podium ($1500 purse). Good prizing for other category podiums. For everyone else, draw prizes to be announced but expect swag from all our sponsors: Escape Route, Dynafit, Petzl, Arc’teryx, Blue Ice, Julbo, Demon Eyewear, WIIV,, and more! Last year almost everyone got something cool!