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We strongly recommend reading through each page on this site!  We have some important info and we don’t want anyone to miss it.  If this is your first skimo race, you will want to read all of it! If you’ve raced before, there are a few things different from most races so you should look it all over as well!

What is Skimo?

Ski Mountaineering Racing (skimo) takes the fitness component of cross country skiing and ski touring and combines it with the downhill strength and technique of alpine skiing. It’s a lot like regular ski touring but a race. Athletes start in a group using their skins to climb uphill where they switch to ski mode and descend back down. Through the course of 2-4 ascents and descents, athletes move around in the alpine and complete the race before skiing back down to the start/finish line.

How does it all work? Where do I start?

If you’ve competed in trail running races before, some of the concepts will be familiar. There are definitely some confusing parts though!

  • First click the link to check that you have all the required equipment. If you are missing anything, get in touch with us or any of our shop sponsors to get sorted out.
  • Next, register for the race (after Feb 28)! This gets you on our info email list so as the details are released you are kept up to date.
  • As the race date gets close, we will release a finalized race course and schedule. This will be distributed to all registered racers via various channels (the website, social media, email list).
  • All racers will attend a mandatory race briefing the morning of the race at the Escape Route Alpine Demo Centre. Here you will be presented with important details on the course and safety information.
  • Racers will upload the Blackcomb Gondola before the general public.
  • Racers will enter the a fenced off area of the Start/Finish area where their beacon will be checked. Once all racers are cleared, the race will begin!
  • Racers must follow the marked course on all ascents and descents. Transition areas are clearly marked and you must switch from skinning to skiing (or the other way around) within these areas.
  • Upon completing the course, you will return to the finish area and cross the line.
  • We will try to incorporate a technical ascent section of the race to add to the skimo ambiance. Boot crampons *may* be required. More info will be released but we strongly 
  • After the race is complete, you’ll have the afternoon to ski the lifts on Whistler Blackcomb. Once the lifts shut down, we’ll meet back at the Alpine Demo Centre for a sick party and awards ceremony!

How are we keeping you safe?

We are working with Blackcomb Ski Patrol and a top ACMG guide to design and secure the race course. The race is highly dependent on weather conditions and our race team will do their best to ensure our safe passage using our Avi and Safety Plans. If however the race staff determine the route to be unsafe, we will be forced to change the course, delay the race, or cancel the race.

Can I race?

If you are a competent ski tourer you can absolutely participate in this event! You don’t need to be a spandex clad, skinny ski racer to enjoy this course. (but we have loaner spandex available if you are interested). As long as you are comfortable skiing downhill in challenging terrain (read our course description), this is a great race for you!

If you want a little more insight on what skimo is all about and how to improve your racing efficiency, check out the Manual for Ski Mountaineering published by SkinTrack.com. It’s a great resource! We’ve arranged a 25% discount for you between now and race day. Just enter squamish25 at checkout!

How do I stay up to date?

More Important Info:

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